Chemplex Corporation is the largest fertilizer and chemical manufacturing company in Zimbabwe. The company mines and beneficiates phosphate rock which is used in the manufacture of fertilizers and also manufactures sulphuric acid which is then converted to other industrial chemicals. The Corporation has six companies namely ZimPhos, Dorowa, Chemplex Marketing, Chemplex Animal & Public Health, GD Haulage and G&W Industrial Minerals.

The Corporation employs over 1 000 people including more than 100 engineers, chemists, technicians and other highly skilled professionals.To meet the high standard manpower required, the company trains graduates and apprentices every year and thus contributes to national manpower development.

Zimbabwe's chemical giant supplies chemical raw materials and finished products for the following industries:-

Agriculture; Food Processing and Preservation; Horticulture; Rubber Technology; Packaging Industry; Leather Tanning; Mining; Animal and Public Health; Metallurgical; Dry Cleaning; Textile; Detergent Manufacturing and Water Treatment Services.

1 August 2010: CEO Receives Award

The 2008 recipient of the Zimbabwe Institute of Management Private Sector Manager of the Year award, sponsored by Zimnat Lion and Zimnat Life, under the theme of Overcoming Adversity Through Strategy is Misheck Samson Kachere, Chief Executive Officer of Chemplex Corporation Limited.

Friday, 28 April 2017
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