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Chemplex Corporation entered the Zimbabwean scene in 1924 when AE&CI, a South African company then owned in equal shares by De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited and Nobel Industries Limited, opened a Sales and Distribution office in Bulawayo to supply the mining industry with explosives, sulphuric acid, and hydrochloric acid among other products. In those days Nobel used to make hydrochloric acid by mixing sulphuric acid with salt. AE&CI had a solid reputation for maintaining a Chemical Services Department, staffed by qualified and experienced industrial chemists, to provide free technical advice and assistance in connection with the chemicals sold by the Company. Chemplex Corporation has proudly nurtured this reputation throughout the years. In 1990 AECI sold Chemplex Corporation a wholly owned Zimbabwean company.


Chemplex Corporation has five main operating divisions - Dorowa Minerals, Zimbabwe Phosphate Industries Limited (ZimPhos), Chemplex Marketing, Chemplex Animal and Public Health (CAPH), and G. D. Haulage. ZimPhos is the country's sole producer of sulphuric acid, aluminium sulphate (used in municipal water treatment), and superphosphates (used in the manufacture of phosphatic fertilisers).


Chemplex Marketing imports a large quantity and a wide range of chemicals for the mining, plastics, food, horticultural, water treatment and other industries. Here is the place to buy caustic soda, soda ash dense and light, fine and coarse salt, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, mono calcium phosphate (MCP), nitric acid, refrigeration gasses, battery acid, swimming pool acid, and HTH.


The Company's largest strategic business unit is the fertiliser industry where it is the outright market leader. It owns 50% of Zimbabwe Fertiliser Company (ZFC), 36% of Sable Chemicals, 100% of Zimbabwe Phosphate Industries Limited, and 100% of Dorowa Minerals.

ZFC produces NPK compound fertilisers (compounded of percentages of Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potash), Sable Chemicals is the country's sole producer of ammonium nitrate fertiliser, while Dorowa Minerals is the only phosphate mine in the whole country, and this puts Chemplex Corporation effectively in the driving seat of the highly integrated Zimbabwean fertiliser industry.



Chemplex Corporation is a forward-looking, up-market company with modern management systems and a highly qualified management team. Everyone is well qualified for the job they are doing and some of the managers hold MBA degrees. There are educational schemes, secondment schemes, technical training schemes, on-job training schemes, and managerial and supervisory training schemes, sponsored by the Organisation in the quest of upliftment, enlightenment and an enhanced working environment.

The Corporation has run the whole gauntlet of the SAZS ISO certification catalogue. The companies certifications are SAZSISO9001, SAZSISO14001, and SAZS OHSAS 18001.

Corporate Business Team

The Corporation is headed by a Chief Executive Officer,  Tapuwa. A. Mashingaidze, with the management team as listed below:-

1. T. A. Mashingaidze Chief Executive Officer
2. J. Chigwende Finance & Admin Director
3. N. Mudzimu Marketing Director
4. D. Ngadze Human Resources Director
5. P. Nyakudziwanza General Manager Zimbabwe Phosphate Industry (ZimPhos)
6. C. Mangadze General Manager Dorowa Minerals Limited (DML)
7. S. Ruziwa General Manager Chemplex Animal & Public Health (CAPH)
8. T. Efraim Group Supplies and Logistics Manager
9.E. Tapfuma Group I.C.T Manager





Dorowa Minerals


P.O. Box 989 Harare

VoIP :  +2638677007187
Email: sales@chemplex.co.zw

10 Bilston Street
P.O. Box 8394 Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

VoIP :  +2638677007187
Cell :  +263 - 712 217 641,- 712 413 115
Email: salesbyo@chemplex.co.zw

Sunway City Industrial Park
P.O. Box GD 117
Greendale, Harare

VoIP :  +2638677007187
Email: caph@chemplex.co.zw

P.O.Box AY 120 AMBY
Harare, Zimbabwe

VoIP :  +2638677007187
E-mail: sales@zimphos.co.zw

Dorowa Minerals

VoIP :  +2638677007187
+263 772 514 384
Email: infor@dorowa.co.zw

ZFC Limited
35 Coventry Road
Harare Zimbabwe

VoIP :  +2638677753882
Email: zfc@zfc.co.zw