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Dorowa Minerals is wholly owned by Chemplex Corporation and is the only phosphate mine in Zimbabwe. Mining is by opencast method and involves ripping and dozing in soft rock and drilling and blasting in hard rock.

The Dorowa deposit is volcanic and exists within a horse-shoe-shaped range of hills. It is very fortunate that the deposit is only 5 kilometres from the Save River from which water is extracted at the rate of five million litres per day for use on the flotation plant.
The beneficiation plant consists of milling and flotation processes to produce phosphate concentrates which are converted into superphosphates at ZimPhos, a sister company. Ore from the pit is at 6, 5% P2O5 and the concentrates being dried and sent to Zimbabwe Phosphate Industries (ZimPhos) are at 37% P2O5.

The dried concentrates are sent to the railhead at Nyazura along the Mutare highway, some 65km away, by road and 190km to Zimbabwe Phosphate Industries, in Harare by rail.




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